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Thesis Topics 2012/2013

Finished/defended Topics

prof. RNDr. Ing. Tomáš Březina, CSc.
Active Compensation of Tool Deflection MT
Ing. Olga Davidová, Ph.D.
Evaluation of control circuit in term of stability, quality and accuracy of regulation BT
RNDr. Jiří Dvořák, CSc.
Robot path planning by means of reinforcement learning MT
Robot path planning by means of swarm intelligence MT
Searching algorithms BT
Ing. Pavel Houška, Ph.D.
Application of Thermoelectric Module for Temperature Control BT
Control modernization of two-axis manipulator BT
Design and implementation of a CANopen communication unit MT
Design of control production unit with product dimension verification BT
Position control of cross-table dedicated manufacturing machine BT
Ing. Jiří Kovář, Ph.D.
Methods of object recognition for purposes of the robotic manipulation BT
Software for evidention of error cases BT
State of art of - processing signal data with NI LabVIEW BT
doc. Ing. Branislav Lacko, CSc.
Causal analysis of control programs errors BT
Process racionalization in LOTUS NOTES surroundings MT
Using of RFID new eguipments BT
Ing. Tomáš Marada, Ph.D.
DC motor control by PLC Simatic S7-1200 MT
EDU-mod model control by programmable logic controller S7-1200 BT
EDU-mod model control by programmable logic controller S7-1200 BT
Four wheeled mobile robot PLC control MT
Optimization of the manufacturing process with three-axis manipulators Güdel on heat treatment route MT
Sensors and motor control of mobile robot MT
Table tennis robot MT
TeachRobot control design and realization BT
doc. Ing. Vítězslav Máša, Ph.D.
Archived Data Management System MT
doc. Ing. Radomil Matoušek, Ph.D.
Genetic programming - Java implementation MT
Grammatical Evolution - Java/Matlab implementation MT
doc. Ing. Zdeněk Němec, CSc.
Experimental workplace of controlled drive with high dynamics MT
Laboratory task of motion control during hanget object transportation MT
prof. Ing. Pavel Ošmera, CSc.
Cryptography and implementation in Notes and Domino BT
Ing. Radek Poliščuk, Ph.D.
Graphical User Interfaces for Mobile Devices BT
doc. Ing. Jan Roupec, Ph.D.
Android Aplication Programming Using Eclipse Development Kit BT
Application Development Using Irrlicht Engine BT
Computer games design using XNA technology BT
Computer Games Using Unreal Engine Technology BT
Databases Versioning MT
Deisign of the simple MIDI network BT
Graphic editor for Android OS MT
Information and promotion portal of the Institute of Automation and Computer Science BT
On-line computer games BT
Ing. František Vdoleček, CSc.
Design of system control and diagnostics water heating using solar energy MT
Device Proposal for Measurement and Evaluation of Environmental Thermal State DT
Environment parameters monitoring BT
Methodology for calibration of containers and tanks MT
The use of wireless temperature measurement to control the rotary kiln MT
doc. Ing. Stanislav Věchet, Ph.D.
Desing of method for position detection of autonomous convoy vehicles BT
Experimental testing of bus peripherals on single-board computer Beagleboard. BT
Realization of control system for electro-pneumatic manipulator FESTO MT
Ing. Daniel Zuth, Ph.D.
A proposal for two wheeled autonomous robot MT
Access security system of mobile davice on RFID principle MT
Construction of synthetic skin type sensors MT
Software for the simulation of autonomous robot BT
Wireless temperature measurement prepared food BT