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Thesis Topics 2008/2009

Finished/defended Topics

Ing. Olga Davidová, Ph.D.
Algebraic methods of control for discrete control circuit design BT
Non-oscilllating plants control with dead time BT
Program equipment for automation task simulation BT
RNDr. Jiří Dvořák, CSc.
Mobile robot path planning by means of genetic algorithm BT
Production planning under uncertainty MT
Robot path planning by means of ant systems BT
Robot path planning by means of dynamic programming MT
Ing. Pavel Heriban, Ph.D.
Wide area network monitoring system MT
Ing. Pavel Houška, Ph.D.
Modelling of linear power drive with DC motor for control purposes MT
Possibilities of implementation parallel task in programming languages BT
Software for control of the velocity probe manipulator BT
Utilization of the inertial sensors for control of the mobile robots MT
Ing. Petr Krček, Ph.D.
Information system for translation agency MT
doc. Ing. Branislav Lacko, CSc.
Design of www pages for enterprise management support MT
History of automation in Bohemia BT
Multi level control omnidirectional robot MT
New trends in automatic systems maitenance BT
Ing. Tomáš Marada, Ph.D.
Control of real cart pole balancer by PLC MT
DC motor control by PLC Simatic S7-200 MT
Heating system model BT
Laboratory exercise for PLC Mitsubishi BT
Laboratory exercises of electronic elevator model BT
Machinery for sprinkling of concrete products BT
Model of traffic lights crossroads BT
Modul for signals process from Incremental rotary encoder BT
Servo application with asynchronous motor for theater turntable control. BT
Stepper motors control by programmable logic controller BT
3D laser range finder SICK application MT
doc. Ing. Vítězslav Máša, Ph.D.
Process identification, experimental unit for biomass combustion MT
doc. Ing. Radomil Matoušek, Ph.D.
Barcode MT
Control Design of Intelligent Integrated closed loop Actuator by force of CAN MT
Control of Passenger Operated Doors and Air Springs of Town Bus by means ofCAN-bus MT
Design of VGT Valve Test Device BT
Distributed Computing by force of Action Script MT
Grammatical Evolution - Java MT
Intelligent Sensory Net designed on the standard IEEE 802.15.4 MT
Microscope Image Processing MT
Mobile AP Units Utilization of Wireless Connection for End User Devices MT
Optimization of WiFi Distributed Nets MT
doc. Ing. Zdeněk Němec, CSc.
Automatic control of small aggregate on water power plant BT
Models of the power set water turbine control MT
Motor speed control exhibit with frequency changer MT
Pesonal car operation monitoring using maintenance servis connector. BT
Position control of the vertically rotative arm MT
Ing. Vít Ondroušek, Ph.D.
The Software for Experiments Control on Biomechanical Machine. MT
The Study of Controllers for Four-legged Walking Robots BT
doc. RNDr. Karel Pellant, CSc.
Maple application for performing numerical calculations of examples from BT
doc. Ing. Jan Roupec, Ph.D.
Design and implementation of a call back system utilizing JBoss and unix clustering MT
Development of Internet Application Using Rich Internet Application Adobe AIR MT
Software for the small delivery company MT
prof. RNDr. Ing. Miloš Šeda, Ph.D.
Application of Voronoi Diagrams in Robot Motion Planning BT
Minimisation of Logical Functions BT
Optimization of dispatch of goods from rack system of logistics warehouse. MT
Processing of Uncertain Information in Databases MT
prof. RNDr. Ing. Jiří Šťastný, CSc.
Image processing within determination of topographic surface parameters MT
Implementation of information system module for receiving orders MT
Methods and algorithms for face recognition MT
Network switch optimization by means of neural network MT
doc. Ing. Ivan Švarc, CSc.
Frequency methods used to discrete control systems MT
Ing. František Vdoleček, CSc.
Accuracy of Indirect Measurement BT
Correction and Compensation in Temperature Measurement MT
Model of Level Measurement MT
Temperature Measurement in Technical Diagnostics BT
doc. Ing. Stanislav Věchet, Ph.D.
Control system development for hydraulics manipulator MT
Inovation of PUSH-PACK Machine BT
Micro-hydraulics system design BT
Microprocessor control unit design MT
Simple dynamic model realization based on ODE BT
Ing. Daniel Zuth, Ph.D.
Access and Security System in Building Automation MT
Proposal control system motorcycle to suppress riding errors leading to accidents MT
Upgrade Thermal Chamber MT