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Thesis Topics 2006/2007

Finished/defended Topics

Ing. Olga Davidová, Ph.D.
Application of Ziegler-Nichols method for discrete control circuits BT
Design of continuous controllers parameters BT
Factors influence in fuzzy control MT
Fuzzy controller design MT
Integral methods of continuous controllers design BT
Methods of digital controllers design BT
prof. RNDr. Miloslav Druckmüller, CSc.
Implementation of moment method of pattern recognition MT
Sub-pixel algorithms in image processing MT
Ing. Vladimír Dumek, Ph.D.
Internet Implementation of Information System MT
RNDr. Jiří Dvořák, CSc.
Optimization of dynamic lot sizes BT
Program System for Production Planning and Scheduling MT
Ing. Pavel Heriban, Ph.D.
Computer network for cultural, educational and information institution MT
Information system for small company business support MT
School information system MT
Selection of antivirus program for small bussiness LAN BT
Ing. Miroslav Holý
Heating and Air-conditioning of a living spaces BT
The Checking System for the Carousel Manufacturing Line MT
The Indicator of swarming Fewer of Bee Colony MT
The Measurement of a Honey Conductivity BT
The Recovery of Heat Loss through outside Walls MT
The Telemetric Hive Scale MT
Ing. Pavel Houška, Ph.D.
Control system for wheeled mobile robots MT
Inertial sensors for improvement of odometry of mobile robots BT
Possibilities of identification and movement monitoring of subjects and commodities BT
Remote object communication and XML on .NET platform BT
doc. Ing. Branislav Lacko, CSc.
Application of VISIO product on automatization models description BT
Autonation monitoring of hardware a sofware BT
Comparative study of datasbases BT
Design of programme for test data preparing BT
Ing. Tomáš Marada, Ph.D.
Algorithms for searching the path BT
Comparison of localization methods for mobile robotics BT
Formation creating of mobile robots groups BT
Possibilities of use of bluetooth communication for mobile robotics BT
Using of wireless technologies for communication in the mobile robotics BT
Wireless technology Wi-Fi BT
doc. Ing. Radomil Matoušek, Ph.D.
Beta Client/Server Application of Test Suits Module of e-learning system BT
Evolutionary Algorithms – Matlab GATE toolbox MT
Gramatical Evolution – Application and Implementation in Java MT
Interactive Web Applications designed by means of Adobe Flash - Encoding Theory BT
L-systems and Iterated Function System – Description and Application in Matlab Environment BT
Software Applications of Test Suite Module of e-Learning System designed by means of Java Technology – information and encoding theory BT
doc. Ing. Zdeněk Němec, CSc.
Control system for vertical lift door BT
Fast evaluation of low frequency by automatic device fy Phoenix Contact MT
Proposal of Control Web 5 laboratory training BT
Water turbine state power controller synthesis by numerical method MT
Ing. Vít Ondroušek, Ph.D.
A Design of User Interface for the Devices for Experimental Modelling of properties of Biomechanical Systems BT
prof. Ing. Pavel Ošmera, CSc.
WWW pages for an international conference BT
Ing. Radek Poliščuk, Ph.D.
On-line Agenda for ISO Certification MT
doc. Ing. Jan Roupec, Ph.D.
Computer aided organization of INF I courses BT
Network traffic analyzing MT
Procedural Language Compiler MT
WWW Faculty Map Data Management System BT
Ing. Bořek Řezanina
Comparation of tolls systems BT
prof. RNDr. Ing. Miloš Šeda, Ph.D.
Minimisation of Logical Functions BT
prof. RNDr. Ing. Jiří Šťastný, CSc.
Company Information System Implementation MT
Software for Humanoid Robot Control MT
Ing. František Vdoleček, CSc.
Analysis of Gases BT
Analyze of Measurement Uncertainties by Using of Coordinate Measuring Machine MT
Automatically Measurement Workplace MT
Model of Remote Measurement MT
doc. Ing. Stanislav Věchet, Ph.D.
Autonomous robot localization for known environment. MT
Local neighborhood mapping method for autonomous mobile robot. MT
Multimedia schemes design for fluid motors. BT
Multimedia schemes design for hydrogenerators. BT
Multimedia schemes design for valves. BT
Probability model design for mobile robot. BT
Simple autonomous cleaner design. BT