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VMD Measurement and Diagnostic Techniques

course grade year semester branch
VMD 2 1 winter Applied Computer Science and Control
VMD-K 2 1 winter Applied Computer Science and Control


Ing. František Vdoleček, CSc.


The course represents some connection problems of measurement and technical diagnostics. Operation of modern machines and equipment are already is inconceivable without mastering systems of maintenance and diagnostics integrated them. Diagnostic technique is again able to perform its function without quality measuring techniques. The course therefore focuses on quality measurements, traceability of measuring instruments, their calibration and verification. In the following notes diagnostics in maintenance systems, especially the methods and means of basic two most common branches - vibrodiagnostics and thermodiagnostics. The whole addresses the issue in the context of the modern of the art including computer support. All is focused not only on conventional machines and equipment, but also to elements of control systems. Attention is also paid to the influence of environment on measurement and diagnostic equipment as well as monitoring parameters and its the subsequent correction.

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