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VAU Automatic Control Equipment

course grade year semester branch
VAU 2 1 summer Applied Computer Science and Control
VAU-A 2 1 summer Industrial Engineering
VAU-A 2 1 summer Mechanical Engineering
VAU-K 2 1 summer Applied Computer Science and Control


doc. Ing. Zdeněk Němec, CSc.


1) Electrical Equipments: The course deals with automatic control equipments includet in a control loop, such as sensor, elements of transmission and signal transformation, central elements of regulators and actuators. Orinciple, function, characteristics, parametrs and structure design ara explained for these equipments. Detailed explanation is given to analogue regulators and their realization by means of operational amplifier. 2) Fluid Equipments: The course deals with an automatic control based on a fluid substance. The course consists of two parts: one deals with theoretical principles, the other with practical experiments. In the theoretical part, students can learn about types of sensors, actuators and other parts of fluid systems. The theoretical knowledge is applied to a real system in the practical part of the course. Practical experiments take place in laboratory on simple control tasks.

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