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9TAR Control Theory

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doc. Ing. Ivan Švarc, CSc.


The aim of the course is to provide the Ph.D. students with the sufficient knowledge of control theory. The first and the second part of the course presents the various principles and techniques used in the analysis and design of linear continuous feedback control systems. Essential principles of automatic control, logical control and PLC systems, linear controllers, control loops, transient response, frequency analysis, stability of systems, controller design. The third part of the course presents multiple – loop control systems and the fourth part contains multivariable control systems. The principles of digital control, sampling process, Z-transform, difference equations, frequency response methods, stability of digital systems are in the fourth part of the course. The fifth part of the course presents the state variable description of linear systems. The State Differential Equation. Relationship between State Equations and Differential Equations. State Equations of Linear Discrete Systems. The sexth part of the course presents nonlinear control systems. Phase plane method. Stability analysis of Nonlinear Control Systems.

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