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6AA Automation

course grade year semester branch
6AA 1 2 summer Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering
6AA 1 2 summer Machine and Equipment Construction
6AA 1 2 summer Mathematical Engineering
6AA 2 1 summer Aeronautical Traffic (P)
6AA-K 1 2 summer Machine and Equipment Construction


prof. RNDr. Ing. Miloš Šeda, Ph.D.


The primary aim of the course is to provide the students with the complete knowledge of the automation and control systems. The first part of the course makes the students familiar with the logic circuits. It presents logic functions, logic elements, combinational and sequential logic circuits. Minimization of logic functions (Karnaugh map) is discussed. The second part includes the foundations of linear continuous systems analysis using the transfer function and impulse response of feedback control systems. Mathematical preliminary is the Laplace transform. This part covers the basic feedback theory and stability, accuracy and quality of regulation. The third part of the course includes the foundations of digital control. It presents mathematical preliminary (Z - transform), digital transfer function and difference equations. It deals with stability condition, stability analysis through bilinear transformation and PID - control algorithm through Z - transform.

More information: 6AA, 6AA-A, 6AA-K