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Teaching Profile

The Institute of Automation and Computer Science provides fundamental university information technology, automation and regulation courses obligatory for students of all specialisations.
The Institute also organizes and provides three-year Bachelor's degree programme in the specialisation Applied Computer Science and Control and its three-year Follow-up Master’s degree programme and two-year Follow-up Master’s degree programme in the specialisation Engineering Computer Science and Automation that follows a Bachelor's degree Mechanical Engineering programme.
The programmes are of a strong interdisciplinary nature, which gives the graduates the chance of finding jobs in a broad spectrum of organisations. They are leaving the university as experts able to apply state-of-the-art information technologies, design and build information and control systems, employ means of automation in controlling and regulating technological processes.
The study programmes include courses in microprocessor technology, computer hardware and software and networks, theory of automatic control and program development for information and control systems. Students will get familiar with specialised software used in the current practice both general, such as operating systems including those for networks, database systems, program development environments, and specialised (CASE, optimisation and simulation software products, expert systems). Tutorials take place in computer rooms and laboratories. Excursions to leading industrial companies and universities in the Czech Republic and abroad are included in the courses.
The Institute also educates Ph.D. students in the fields of Technical Cybernetics, Design and Process Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, and Mathematical Engineering.